Guardians of the Border – talk, performances and artwork at Holt, Wrexham.

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On Saturday 27th February, as part of Oriel Wrecsam’s Offsite projects, Fine Art students with their Lecturer Paul Jones made a series of works that explored the notion of borders and community.  The event included a talk by Lesley Martin, an artist and river dweller, who discussed her current project concerned with the Plotlander community living along the banks of the River Dee. There was an engaging and poetic performance by Fine Art student Thomas Meilleur, in response to a pilgrimage to the source of the River Dee. Other exhibitors included BA Fine Art students Paul Heppell, Thomas Perring, Richard Serridge, Seiza Friedrich Lord Black Art and MA student Rory Hickford. The day ended with a slapstick styled skirmish at Holt/Farndon Bridge that included a Knight, a Welsh Dragon and 1980’s fashioned DJ!