MA Art Practice, Design Practice & Creative Media


The taught Master’s programmes are a suite of three taught degrees in Art and Design sharing a core set of learning experiences. This core is one third of the programme’s total with a further third comprising a series of options in which your specialism can develop. The remaining third is a period of supervised development in which both autonomy and mastery of your subject plays a part.

The Programme

As a Masters student you will need to develop the ability to analyse working situations, gather knowledge and imagine solutions to problems faced in contemporary art and design practices, such as managing a client or costing a proposed body of work in addition to the creative and imaginative element of the job. This is fundamental to professional art and design activity.

The programmes also introduce ways in which researches can be made, managed and distributed to others in the process of creative practice, in a module concentrating on Research Methods. This has proven to be a very useful module for those of our students who have continued their studies to Doctoral level, but is specifically designed for those taking the Master’s degree.


Course Duration

Full time = 1 year

Part-time = 2 years


Contact information for MA Art Practice, Design Practice & Creative Media

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